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Quick Details Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China Brand Name:Honggu Model Number:Gu-MT019 Flags Banners Material:Nylon, Polyester, Silk, Vinyl Color printing for Graphics:According to your request Usage Scenarios:Sports and Games, Training and Team Build
What about double-sided flag curling? Shanghai Yingfeng banner Factory Tel. (wechat): 15900759720 qq491426366 What about hanging flag and curling_ Hanging flags in shopping malls_ What about double-sided flag curling? First, let's talk about the
Excellent flag making design can leave a good image in the minds of customers, and can be applied to different media, which can effectively deliver simple and direct messages. The types of flags include outdoor flags and indoor table flags with vario
In the past few decades, from the industrial sector down to the local authorities at all levels, the flag has been regarded as a small market, so that it has no place in the products of the entire textile system. However, with the development of soci
In today's fast-paced urban life, various banner products are also diverse and changing with each passing day. Advertising banners have become various advertising materials for various occasions and activities. Next, Qianhong flag factory will ta
The team flag, as the beauty of a group or team, is of great significance; Some team flags are necessary for outdoor activities, sports meeting admission, sports meeting cheer, traveling and other activities. The team flag contains the temperament of
The guide flag is of great significance to the tourism team. It is the symbol of the team. The flag surface is generally the symbolic color of the enterprise. The banner usually has the company name or company identity. The guide holds one in his han
When customizing the flag, the message conveyed by the color has a great impact on us. In daily life, food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment are closely related to color. Now people pay more attention to color matching. How to use
Watermark flag making is very complicated. When making a flag, it usually goes through the following steps: plate making - Printing - steaming - rinsing - sewing - packaging and other processes. 1. Plate making: experienced drafters can show customer
The height of the flagpole is generally divided into 14 meters, 16 meters and 18 meters. The height of the flagpole and the height of the building are generally visual. At present, domestic enterprises generally have three flagpoles. The height of th

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