Design defects of domestic thermal transfer banner equipment
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Design defects of domestic thermal transfer banner equipment

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Since the first banner machine was produced in Jiangnan, there have been more than 20 short-term brilliant ones. The first generation of producers have almost changed their careers. Although most of them have made some improvements, the process design has hardly changed greatly due to the force of bidding. However, most of the production enterprises are separated from the production and application, and can not summarize the defects in the process, resulting in the defects of the domestic equipment still existing today

Defect 1: cancel the automatic deviation correction system

The device composed of special motors is ignored in the design of domestic machines, leading to the fact that most of the equipment used in the market do not have automatic deviation correction devices. However, the equipment is durable goods, and it is reluctant to be sold as scrap iron until it is changed. Fortunately, there is manual deviation adjustment, but manual deviation adjustment does not work. The user can only use reverse rotation to solve the deviation of the blanket. It takes time and labor, and the actual working width caused by deviation is greatly reduced

Defect 2: whole face pressure process

The Korean people are no more stupid than us. The design introduced is a point to surface pressure process. The Chinese people have changed it. They use the combined pressure of the blanket and the large surface of the roller barrel to complete the sublimation. As a result, the sublimation is relatively vague, and the accuracy will be lost in case of fine transfer The key point is that the pressure on the whole surface brings unnecessary load waste to the power motor, and the pressure on the whole surface often causes poor contact and product "snowflake" points. When the motor is slow, the governor and even the motor will be burnt under overload

Defect 3: vulnerable design of main bearing

The design is not reasonable, because the main bearing is connected to the heat source, and the connecting neck is short and closed, it is difficult to solve the heat dissipation In addition, the whole face pressure type design adds more bearing pressure to the bearing. The ordinary shaft can last up to 200 hours, and the oil seal type high-temperature bearing can barely withstand 400 hours. Unfortunately, the damage of the bearing is difficult to detect and often affects the power system failure

Defect 4: no automatic separator

The original automatic separation device of sublimation blanket was neglected (several South Korean machines have been ignored in South Korea, not because they can be cancelled, but because of the low-level mistakes made by the relevant South Korean designers. As a result, the industrious Jiangsu people naturally follow suit. The temperature of paper and cloth is still very high when they are separated from the roller barrel, so they cannot be separated quickly, and it is easy to reprint. However, the paper and cloth on most extension machines are not separated, and they must turn 180 degrees hand in hand

It can be imagined that the neglect of the design will bring harm to the quality

Defect 5: non production process design

The Chinese people give the market objects the false impression that the equipment table is short and suitable for the facade production. They imitate the design of Korea's bad bowl machine, and most of them are designed for the lower cloth That is, the cloth is placed under the paper and the paper is placed on the top of the machine. This machine is only suitable for low-temperature printing of the whole roll of cloth, while the production of advertising banner products has more complex collage patterns. As a result, the user has to practice a pair of iron hands that are not afraid of high-temperature scalding. The paper scraps are kept away at the working surface of 250 degrees, and it is common to add several "plum blossoms" to the products. Now, the invention of composite paper should become the "savior", The situation of "plum blossom" adding color has been alleviated, but it is still a defect. The key to the design of lower cloth is to take care of the function of manual hot pressing and breaking cloth, which leads to a major design error that cannot be produced at high temperature General banner cloth has shrinkage deformation of different sizes, which is related to the raw materials and weaving quality of the cloth. At present, it cannot be changed. The lower cloth feeding is designed to be unable to adjust the cloth feeding condition, and the paper can not adjust the prepress flatness of the cloth. Therefore, it can only be produced at low temperature. Therefore, the products produced by this machine are dull in color and cannot meet the quality requirements of bright and fresh advertisements, especially red. The green sublimation temperature is lower and slightly better, Originally, we could make flags and other high-quality products, but now we can only make text banners with low requirements, and end up fighting with silk screen printing

Moreover, this design forces to increase the labor force of the machine, and the result is that the machine cannot form batch production capacity without more than four people,

Defect 6. No automatic cooling device

In general, it takes more than 20 minutes to dissipate heat. It's not a good idea to have someone to accompany you. Every day, one person has to work for half an hour? It is not critical, but it is still a defect

Defect 7: no professional banner software support

For single - or double - layer paper operation, there must be engraving software Except for "Mr. banner" with professional software, there are no other software, only domestic lettering software can be used instead The result is that a document needs to be completed in several sections, not to mention adding the splicing process. It is easy to break the single-layer paper and difficult to splice the double-layer paper, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. In particular, the production of complex flag products and cloth curtains is simply a crime. (the fatal defect of the lettering software is not suitable for disclosure for the time being)

Defect 8: difficulty in disassembly and assembly

Most of the equipment has its defects. When the heating elements and bearings need to be replaced, the boss has to sweat on his head. The fixed frame, the steel pipe roller barrel, and the four big men still need to be strong, which is laborious and time-consuming. The ordinary skilled person needs one day to solve the problem. Now who can guarantee it? Who can repair it on the door? It's rare to come to the door. The time is still one day, and the physical work has to be done by yourself. If the quality is better, it's luck to dismantle it once every six months. It's common to sweat once every two or three months

The key point is that it is not my intention to break the process design defects of most domestic machines. It is not good for me. On the contrary, the popularization of good equipment and technology can only have a negative impact on my business My hope is to inspire the equipment manufacturers to pay attention to the process quality of the equipment, and improve our own domestic excellent equipment in combination with our experience, so that the heat transfer printing business can get out of the market


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